The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Authentic Storytelling That Delivers - Sonja Jacob - Hard Corps Marketing Show #015

April 5, 2018

No BS was permitted in this episode that investigates the impact of conversational marketing with the epic storyteller & creator of a viral video Sonja Jacob, Content Strategy Team Lead at Drift!  

Ascertain how storytelling with a narrative upgrades your content, how to use a sociological lens with marketing, why your voice matters in content, and the myths that get smashed to bits!


  • The content machine is not built overnight nor by one person; encourage a team effort to create & share content!
  • Personality + voice = differentiation in content
  • AI can help marketers & sales be BETTER
  • Talk in your content like you would one to one; third person is impersonal!
  • Create opportunities to listen to prospects through sales & marketing
  • Know what the greater narrative is in your storytelling
    • Use personal references
    • Back it up with data
    • Provide context


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