The Hard Corps Marketing Show

B2B Social That Freakin’ Works - Adam Hutchinson - Hard Corps Marketing Show #016

April 12, 2018

Master how to get more leads by applying a social media first mentality in this episode with self-proclaimed narrative theory nerd Adam Hutchinson, Head of Marketing at Socedo!

Identify the power of videos in your content, how to use micro communities to engage with followers, the potential of social media, and the myths that get crushed to dust!


  • 84% of B2B decision makers turn to social media to research companies
  • Taking a content strategy & putting it on social media is not a social media strategy
  • 90% of adults in North America are on social media
  • Micro communities allow for more targeted engagement
  • Put videos into your content mix; try out Periscope on Twitter
  • Socially engaged leads convert 25% higher than leads from other sources