The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Becoming Your Own Marketing Leader - Renee Herendeen - Hard Corps Marketing Show #127

February 13, 2020

Marketers can be running on the activity hamster wheel for so long that they forget the importance of stepping out and having a conversation. Conversations with their buyers, with their managers, and with people that are outside of their direct sphere of influence.

A Marketing Leader that has been the VP of Marketing at several firms and is now a Marketing Consultant, Renee Herendeen, reminds marketers of the importance of having conversations and how it contributes to individuals becoming their own leaders.

This episode is filled with discussion around buyer interviews, management skills, career advice, and the steps for building a personal brand. Check it out!



  • Marketers know how to talk about their product or service, but do they know how their buyers talk about what they offer? Do your research and talk to your buyers.
  • Most buyers do want to talk, get over your own apprehension and invite them to have a fifteen minute conversation. Ask the buyer who they are, what they do, and then their experience with the product or service.
  • A company may feel they have to spend thousands of dollars on focus groups or research services, but they may be able to get what they need by just having 1:1 conversations with their buyers.
  • Omnichannel marketing is about hitting your buyers at multiple touchpoints throughout their day. Understand who your buyer is, their path, and where they are. 
  • For marketing managers, provide your team with real time feedback, do not wait until a year has gone by. Be transparent with your employees to help them grow.
  • If you are in the process of developing your personal brand, ask for help. You never know what is possible until you ask.
  • Career Advice from Renee: We are all people, from the C-Suite level to entry level employees, we all deserve to be treated with respect, so stand up for yourself if this is not the case.




Busted Myths:

  • To get great marketing help, you need a big agency. - This is not the case. Small boutique agencies have the same amount of talent and skill as a bigger agency does. They also often offer the same team of people to work with a client throughout their entire journey.
  • When developing a personal brand, you have to have a certain polished image. - Building a personal brand is about showing who you really are, so be authentic. People respond to what is real. Get comfortable with being yourself.