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Best Practices for Aligning Sales & Marketing - Ally Brettnacher - Hard Corps Marketing Show #240

February 8, 2021

How do we promote sales and marketing alignment? What can we do better to support each team?

A Thought Leader, Partner of Linking Indy Women, Co-Founder of Ride & Raise, Ally Brettnacher, delves into the four easy steps towards sales and marketing alignment.



  • The first step to marketing alignment is understanding each other. Straightforwardly communicate your goals and what you need from each other to achieve the objectives.
  • Having the marketing team sit in on sales calls allows for first hand exposure to what the sales team experiences and their challenges day to day.
  • “Sales, if the marketing team is trying to enable you on the amazing content they have put together, then show up and learn about the content. Enablement is key to success!” ~Ally Brettnacher
  • When it comes to marketing and sales alignment, we need to be involved in the conversation from the beginning. Understand why ______ has value.
  • Prevent sales and marketing silos by asking for feedback on how people are responding to what marketing is doing and showing appreciation to each other.
  • Career Advice: You are so much smarter than you think. Speak up more, you are good enough!




Shout Out:

  • 36:04 Todd Caponi


Busted Myths:

  • Sales and marketing alignment is not as difficult as it seems. Communicating goals, sitting in on sales calls, asking for feedback, and showing up for each other makes all the difference in breaking down those silos.


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