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Branding that Crafts Irrational Loyalty - Deb Gabor - Hard Corps Marketing Show #152

May 14, 2020

How many marketing segments does your company have? Do you have the groups then separated by industry and role? Do you feel like your head is spinning with the amount of different segments you have?

What if you could prioritize your marketing and branding efforts towards one ideal customer?

A Global Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author, and the CEO and Founder of Sol Marketing, Deb Gabor, challenges marketers to break free of the mindset that their brand is for several different segments and to grasp the notion that their brand is best suited for one ideal human being archetype.



  • Instead of dividing your audience into segments, multiply the amount of your best customer, by pinpointing who that ideal customer is.
  • To help identify your ideal customer, start by looking at your company’s reports. Identify the companies with the best client retention, customer lifetime value, and relationship with your business. Then dig deeper into the people that are at those companies.
  • When you have a clear illustration of who your ideal customer is, you can look at new prospects and see how they compare. Can you see any pieces of your ideal customer in them?
  • "Your brand is the magnet that is designed to attract human beings that share values and beliefs that are aligned with your own." - Deb Gabor
  • Brands do not often tell people what they need to know, they will show you. What is your brand showing people?
  • Brands form interpersonal relationships with their customers. To create irrational loyalty with the brand, a business needs to deposit into their customer’s emotional bank account. The brand needs to set expectations, align values, deliver on those expectations, and then provide value to the customer’s life.
  • Make your brand indispensable to your customer. Ask, how can I add value to their life? What are they trying to accomplish? What are their hopes and dreams?
  • Career Advice from Deb Gabor: Do not waste your time trying to be something that is not true to you, to please someone else. Know yourself and pursue your passion.




Busted Myths:

  • Segment marketing is dead. - For a brand to try and reach all of these different segmented groups of people is a waste of the company’s resources. A company should focus on their one ideal customer that is aimed at a human being archetype that shares the same values as the business.


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