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Building an Authority Marketing Colosseum - Adam Witty - Hard Corps Marketing Show #130

February 24, 2020

Part of a marketer’s job is all about positioning. Positioning their business’ brand, content, and people in front of their ideal buyers. 

What about positioning your business in a place of authority above your competitors?

An Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author of Authority Marketing, and the Founder & CEO of Advantage l Forbes Books, Adam Witty, educates the audience about authority marketing and how reaching a place of stature and authority in your marketplace can be manufactured.



  • Authority marketing is positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry.
  • Positioning is the ideas, images, and thoughts that come to mind when people think of a brand or a person. It is the opinion that is formed based on their experiences with the brand or individual.
  • You can control the opinion a person has towards you or your brand by being proactive about how you present your brand or yourself as a thought leader.
  • Do not be embarrassed about sharing your expertise with others. If you genuinely believe in what you do, presenting your knowledge to others will only help them in solving the problem that your product or service addresses.
  • If you do not know where to start when creating a book, think of the ten most common questions that your buyers have, then write a chapter to answer each question. The book needs to be about solving a problem that people have.
  • Facts and data show that when you are introduced as an author of a book, people instantly see you in a different light, as an expert, as a thought leader.
  • The four pillars of creating an authority marketing colosseum are branding and omnipresence, content marketing, public relations and media, and speaking; the foundation is authorship.
  • Content marketing is anything you can do to educate your ideal customer.
  • When someone is being advertised to, their guard is up. When they are learning and being educated, their guard is down and they are more receptive to the message. Therefore, consider the tone of your content, are you selling or educating?
  • “You can’t spell authority without the word author.” - Adam Witty
  • The more authority you have in your industry, the more your brand is placed in a category of one which means buyers will be comparing other options to you, because you have differentiated yourself from your competitors.
  • If you do a speaking session for free, make sure it is in front of an audience of people that could do business with you.
  • Advice from Adam Witty - “The riches are in the niches.” If your business serves a very particular segment of buyers, you are able to prioritize your marketing and your chances of success increase. Consider creating a product or service that generates recurring revenue.




Busted Myths:

  • To reach a place of authority in your industry or marketplace, you have to pay your dues and put in your time. - This is NOT the case. A place of stature and authority can be created by positioning yourself as a thought leading expert in your industry over your competitors.


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