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Building Trust Through Marketing Transparency - Juliana Casale - Hard Corps Marketing Show #159

June 8, 2020

B2B marketers are not marketing to businesses, they are marketing to people at those businesses. What will win people over when deciding who they should buy from? The company that actually shows that they care by speaking to the buyer’s situation in a way that provides value.

A Marketing Leader in both B2B and B2C, Speaking Coach, Networking Champion, Formerly Head of Marketing Services at Clearbanc, and now a Marketing Consultant, Juliana Casale, delivers a call to action for companies to cease from fake marketing empathy and instead execute authentic actions that align with their customers to show their support.



  • Whether it is B2B or B2C make sure your lead to revenue process has quick easy actions that the buyer can take throughout to keep developing the relationship with your brand.
  • B2B companies that do not use email well as a channel to nurture the relationship with their customers are missing out on an opportunity.
  • Do not pretend to care as a company about a group that your brand is not supporting. People will see the fake empathy, which will hurt their trust in your brand long-term.
  • It is more crucial than ever to stand for something that is real.
  • If your brand has a mission of social impact, do not execute the support for the goal of recognition. People will see the good your brand is doing and they will talk about it organically.
  • “Community is the unsung hero of building a brand.” - Juliana Casale
  • Companies often go wrong when building communities because they are not willing to put in the right amount of time to create authentic relationships with its members, they go in with the wrong motive of only driving revenue, and they focus on the wrong metrics.
  • It is better to have one quality conversation at a networking event than 15 different surface level conversations. Do not be a human billboard.
  • Career Advice - Don’t beat yourself up for not having a plan and no one cares if you hop around from job to job. The vast experience in multiple verticals will be valuable down the road.
  • Don’t be afraid to leave a situation where you’re not happy.




Busted Myths:

  • B2B is different from B2C and marketers from either space do not have transferable skills that can be used to crossover. - This is NOT the case. In both spaces, marketers are marketing to people, they are still trying to get people to take actions that lead to revenue and both B2B and B2C use similar acquisition channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, events, and blogs.


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