The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Bullseye Marketing - Louis Gudema - Hard Corps Marketing Show #51

November 15, 2018

Now’s the time to build a spot-on marketing plan through the use of these professional tips from the Bullseye Marketing Guy, President of Revenue + Associates, and author of Bullseye Marketing, Louis Gudema.

In this episode we discuss the ever-changing marketing atmosphere and ways you can keep on top of those changes to craft marketing messages that cut through the noise and provide the right needs for your customer at the right time.



  • 1 in 20 pieces of new content makes it to page one on the Internet in the 1st year.  Your website content no longer produces as much traffic as it used to in the past.
  • Content won’t be magically discovered anymore. You usually have to pay for it today.
  • Keep evolving in Marketing. Try new things and approaches to your marketing to keep it fresh and competitive.
  • Your customer is the center of the bullseye. Listen and talk to them to create a superior customer experience.
  • Phase 1: Take full advantage of existing marketing assets. Become aware with the assets you have. This is a good place to start
  • Email marketing is 40% more successful than social media for customer acquisition and costs almost nothing. Work on developing a good email plan.
  • Phase 2: Get in front of customers who want to buy now. Use intent data to find them.
  • Phase 3: Long-term brand-building and awareness programs. Create content, webinars, social media, display ads.
  • Balance your data and technology. You have to be in the digital space as well as the traditional.