The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Capturing The Voice of The Customer - Angelo Ponzi - Hard Corps Marketing Show #168

July 6, 2020

As marketers, we know how to talk about our product or service, but do we know how all of this is articulated from the voice of the customer? 

A Marketing Leader, Business Advisor, Keynote Speaker, Fractional CMO, Podcast Host of the Business Growth Cafe, and Founder & President of The Ponzi Group, Angelo Ponzi, cautions marketers from relying too much on the data and their own expertise instead of listening to the needs of the customer right from the source.



  • Understand the voice of the customer by talking to your buyers. When you do not get it straight from the source, there is more of a chance that personal bias can get in the way.
  • Before making your next update in marketing, whether it is the website or a new piece of collateral, take the time to think through what you are doing. Ask, who is the audience and what is the goal?
  • “Marketing is an investment in your future, not just an’s a growth engine.” - Angelo Ponzi
  • Be sure to form relationships with multiple people at your clients’ businesses. If a single point of contact leaves, you will still have quality connections at the company.
  • Focus your efforts. Do not try to do too many things at once, or else you will not be able to do anything well.
  • Career Advice - Don’t be so stubborn, listen and accept advice.




Busted Myths:

  • Businesses do not need to talk to their customers to understand their needs because they have data and their own expertise. - Teams need to talk to their customers to hear about their needs straight from the source. There is too much bias that can happen when teams make decisions on behalf of the customer without asking their buyers about it.
  • A marketing silver bullet will solve all of your problems. - Marketing is not just about one thing, it takes the integration of many components working together to create growth.


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