The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Finding Humanity in Marketing - Carlos Hidalgo - Hard Corps Marketing Show #48

October 26, 2018

Add a human touch to your marketing strategy and focus on personalizing an unforgettable buyer journey with Founder and CEO of VisumCX, and author of Driving Demand, Carlos Hidalgo.

This episode is all about getting to know your buyer and the world they are a part of. You’ll learn how to keep your buyer at the forefront of your marketing strategy and how to provide a plan designed to fit their specific needs first.



  • Define your personalization strategy first, then select the technology that best enables your plan to succeed.
  • Surround your buyer with a seamless core message across your multi-channel platform (social strategy, web, digital strategy, etc.).
  • Remember, at the end of the day you still sell to people. Because your buyer is human, make an effort to understand how they think and feel.
  • It’s important to be able to talk about your customer’s world and what your industry is doing without mentioning product, service or company name.
  • Avoid the defined selling process. Your process should be focused on your buyer’s needs rather than what you want to sell.
  • Realize and expect some failures to occur. Make them useful by learning from them.  
  • Your entire goal should be to enable, equip, and empower your buyer.