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Content Marketing in 8 Seconds - Morgan Wiedmann - Hard Corps Marketing Show #112

December 19, 2019

Have you ever observed someone else scroll their newsfeed on their mobile device? How much time do you think they are spending on each piece of content? Now think about how long your next piece of content is.

A Marketer, Writer, Podcast Host, and the Content Specialist at Weichert Workforce Mobility, Morgan Wiedmann, smashes the myth that the longer the content, the better. She gives marketers tips for planning a content calendar, how to grab the attention of your intended audience, and motivational words of wisdom to persist in your career journey. Check it out!



  • If you have a long piece of content, consider breaking it up into smaller chunks. Create a series that hooks your audience to stay tuned for more.
  • The average person’s attention span is about eight seconds. If your content does not grab your intended audience’s attention in that eight seconds of review, they will move onto the next thing.
  • If you have a long video, consider breaking it up into a mini series, and releasing teasers to generate buzz around it.
  • When creating an email, put yourself in the place of the recipient. If this was an email in your inbox, would it grab your attention?
  • Before crafting a piece of content, ask yourself, what are your customers going to get out of it? How is it going to help them?
  • Using pictures on social media is a great way to grab the attention of your target audience, but it needs to stand out from the rest of the pictures in their newsfeed.
  • Content in podcast form can be longer because people can listen to it on the go, as they get ready in the morning, when they’re traveling, and when they want to multitask.
  • Chatbots are great, but for the right purpose. Think about what the customer is trying to accomplish. When might they want to talk to a human?
  • If you love something, don’t give up on it. Keep persisting, doing your passion, and something will fall into place.




Busted Myths:

  • The longer the content the better. - This is NOT the case. We live in an instantaneous society, people are not spending the time to read long content. If content does not grab someone’s attention, they are already onto the next piece that will.


Shout Out:

  • 48:48 - Morgan’s Mom