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Conversational Marketing: More Than a Chatbot - Allison Gosman - Hard Corps Marketing Show #141

April 6, 2020

Conversational marketing, is it really just about chatbots? It is just for B2C or service companies? Will it only take up your team’s resources as they take their time to monitor the chat window?

There are a lot of misconceptions and unanswered questions about conversational marketing.

A Marketing Technology Professional, Conversational Marketing Trailblazer, and the Senior Marketing Specialist at Financial Recovery Technologies, Allison Gosman, shares her expertise about conversational marketing, and dispels the myths surrounding this trending term.



  • Conversational marketing is more than a chatbot. It is a method to provide instantaneous, customized experiences for your website visitors. 
  • When setting up the different chat experiences for your web pages, think about it from the perspective of the visitor, what might they be looking for when they visit certain pages? What content could you offer them to help them in their search?
  • Consider giving visitors options of what they could get information on with your chat experiences, rather than just asking, how can I help you?
  • Integrating your chat and chatbot platform with your marketing automation technology allows you to use the data insights that you have, to find out who your website visitors are, so you can better customize their website experience.
  • “At the end of the day [your sales team members] are the ones closing deals, so be in contact with them and figure out what their needs are, what they like, and really make that happen.” - Allison Gosman
  • Get as much work experience as you can in college. This can help you find out what industries you like and don’t like to work for.
  • Career Advice from Allison - Take risks and be okay with being uncomfortable, this will help you grow. Listen to your intuition, your gut, and don’t second guess anything. Don’t sweat the small stuff and learn from your mistakes.




Busted Myths:

  • Conversational marketing is just for service and B2C companies. - This is not the case. B2B businesses can use conversational marketing as a part of their lead generation efforts and to understand what visitors are looking for when they come to their site.
  • Conversational marketing means that you have a human manning the chat window, similar to a call center. - Depending on your business’ priorities and bandwidth, you can use a chatbot to offer content and get more information about the visitor prior to involving your sales team resources. It does not always have to be a human taking their time to monitor the chat experience.
  • Gating your content will only turn away quality leads that do not want to provide their information. - If a lead is a quality lead, they will provide the information to obtain the content, because they are interested enough in finding answers.


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