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Crafting Predictive Success: The Conscious Competent Concept - Joseph Frost - Hard Corps Marketing Show #146

April 23, 2020

There are so many creative and great minds in marketing that it can be easy to be so focused on executing the creative side that the chance for a process to be put in place is missed.

But do marketing and creative departments really need a process? 

A Marketing Thought Leader, Author, Speaker, Strategic Coach, Professor, Chemical Engineer, the Owner and Creative Director of Frost Media Group, and the Co-Founder of yorCMO, Joseph Frost, delivers a call to action for marketing and creative departments to put in the time and develop processes for their success. Learn how a marketing and creative process is built to build predictive achievement and how to keep refining it!



  • The Conscious Competent Concept - The concept of people being able to understand why they are good or not good at something. 
  • The keys to start building a process around a project are to figure out, what was the criteria that made your most successful projects such a victory? What did the person do that specifically made that project so successful?
  • Help your team figure out why they are good at what they do. Then take those elements and build them into a repeatable process.
  • Once a configured process is executed a few times, go back and reflect. Consider how long each step is taking, the cost, and what could be done to make it more efficient? You want to discover the most efficient process that will yield the best predictive outcome.
  • All good CMO’s first, do their research on the company and their competitors. Second, they collaborate with their leadership team, build a strategy, and define how it will align with sales. Third, they prioritize their projects in 60 - 90 day sprints and execute.
  • Consider looking at your business in 90 day sprints and have a new campaign or idea to drive each quarter. Leadership likes new ideas that will win them business. Your buyers also like fresh content and new offerings.
  • For marketing reporting, define what metrics and numbers you want to track on a weekly basis. Think about the numbers that matter to drive business.
  • Advice from Joseph - Save more money because you never know when you might need it. Business and careers are not linear, but cyclical like seasons. You may be in the winter time of your career when things are really difficult, but hang in there and look towards the next season because your spring will come again. 
  • “What are you going to plant 60 days from now that is going to harvest six months from now?” - Joseph Frost




Busted Myths:

  • You cannot put structure around the creative process. - This is not true. Putting structure around the creative process allows for a more predictable outcome in an efficient manner. A process builder can insert room for creativity into the appropriate stages of the system.


Shout Outs:

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