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Creating a Content Ecosphere - Chris Austin - Hard Corps Marketing Show #160

June 11, 2020

Marketers put a lot of time into creating great pieces of content, however creating the content is only the halfway point.

A Marketing Leader in Content & Brand Strategy, and Fractional CMO at CAMO Marketing, Chris Austin, delivers a call to action for marketers to create a distribution plan for their content, so that it does not just sit there after it is created. Find out Chris’ recommendation for a distribution plan and how to build an ecosphere around your content.



  • “Really great content is halfway, until you have a distribution plan it’s not going to be effective.” - Chris Austin
  • Building an ecosphere around your content entails having a centerpiece of content that is your main focus such as a video, a podcast, or a presentation, and then building small pieces of content from that centerpiece to promote it and draw in your target audience.
  • There are three aspects that make up a great content campaign, engagement, education, and entertainment.
  • Engagement goes beyond clicks and shares. Is your target audience subscribing, buying your product or service, telling a friend, and feeling like they are a part of the community around your product or service?
  • Your content needs to provide value to your buyers, educate them on a solution that speaks to the problems they are having.
  • The framework to create an entertaining piece of content is SMASH, Speed, Music, Asymmetry, Spontaneity, and Humor / Honesty.
  • The eight steps of the content marketing process are 1) Audience ID 2) Content Ideation 3) Keyword & Competitive Research 4) Interviewing Internal Experts 5) Producing Content 6) Share & Amplify 7) Measurement and 8) Repurpose.
  • Try to always be learning, see what you can soak in from the people around you.
  • A double funnel looks at the second funnel that occurs after the buyer makes their purchase. The purchase is only the halfway point. After the purchase, you need purchase satisfaction, for them to join the community around that purchase, their recommendation, and then their referral.
  • A customer’s referral helps to fuel the start of the first funnel again to lead to a future purchase. 
  • Career Advice from Chris Austin - Do not wait around for things to come to you, go out and get what you want. You can only rely on luck and talent for so long.




Busted Myths:

  • Content is king, if you build it they will come. - Marketers can have a really great piece of content that just sits there without effect or engagement, because there was no strategy around promoting the great piece of content. There needs to be a plan around content promotion and how it will be shared.


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