The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Creative Secrets of the Marketoonist - Tom Fishburne - Hard Corps Marketing Show #018

April 24, 2018

Find out the value content marketing holds for humanizing a brand with the extraordinarily talented Tom Fishburne, creator of the Marketoonist!

We bring to light why the audience should be the hero in storytelling, how empathy in content marketing is super effective, that creativity and content marketing requires true dedication, and as always smash myths to bits!


  • Replace a viral approach with a continuity mindset for content marketing
  • Connecting with the audience is a privilege; provide something useful!
  • Approach content marketing with empathy; show you understand your audiences’ pain points
  • Establish a system for the creative process & set aside time for it
  • Commit to creating an ongoing relationship with the audience; that investment is worth far more than one viral piece of content
  • Avoid one size fits all content marketing; target different audiences & experiment!