The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Crushing Your Buyer Interviews - Parmelee Eastman - Hard Corps Marketing Show #50

November 8, 2018

Get the most out of your buyer interviews and crush your competition with these hard and fast interview tactics from speaker and President of EastSight Consulting, Parmelee Eastman.

You will learn how to use win/loss strategies and buyer interviews to drill down deep into your buyer’s behavior to better solve their problems and ultimately gain their long-term loyalty.



  • Interview both the buyers you won over and the prospects that didn’t choose your solution to help you better understand what people value.
  • Surprisingly, price is not usually the deciding factor in why people choose to buy your product or service.
  • Win/loss programs generally return about a 30% return on investment.
  • Technology is always changing and ongoing. Understand how it’s changing and what you plan to do to keep up with it.
  • This is the very powerful message you should be sending to your customers, “We want to understand you better so we can serve you better.”
  • Create “battlecards” by taking what competitors are saying to your customer and creating responses to those comments.