The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Conversion Testing Jedi Master - Daniel Burstein - Hard Corps Marketing Show #37

August 9, 2018

The formula is strong in this episode! We discuss A/B Testing best practices and methods with Senior Director of content and marketing at MECLABS Institute, Daniel Burstein.

In this episode you will learn all about the purpose of conversion testing, why it is important to boost your conversion rate and the many factors that will impact your testing methods, both positively and negatively, to get you the results you want.



  • Testing may sound boring, but it’s all about breaking down the false obstacle we have between us and our customers - because we are not our customers.
  • Remember that sometimes we are an entirely different demographic than our audience.
  • The testing mindset is that we don’t know everything. We’re forming hypotheses, we’re trying to be open and trying to learn.
  • Make sure you are considering different day-to-day technology. We have to realize we aren’t experiencing the marketing, website and social that our customers do.
  • Test for different web browsers. Each one is unique and they all might behave differently.
  • Remember, each and every one of us has a different view of our companies or our clients’ companies than our customers do.
  • Start your conversion testing by determining who your ideal customer is.
  • The most powerful thing that affects conversions is the customers’ motivations.
  • Know your value proposition. You cannot change the customer’s motivation, but you can change your value proposition.
  • Incentive (the bacon of marketing tactics) is the element that is most used and abused by marketers. It’s not a solid long-term tactic.
  • Don’t forget the negative elements to conversion testing: friction and anxiety.