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Decrypting Marketing Data - Yogesh Mehra - Hard Corps Marketing Show #196

September 2, 2020

Data, data, data! Collecting data is one thing, but understanding how it affects your company’s brand or service is another.

A Senior Marketing Leader, Speaker, Growth Evangelist, Vice President of Marketing at First Republic Bank, Yogesh Mehra, gives advice on how to break down data and focus on the qualities of data that matter.



  • “You can never go wrong by taking the view of the customer.”~Yogesh Mehra
  • It’s difficult to step out of your comfort zone. Think of a new idea as a pilot or a test. If it does not work out, then it is ok! That is what the test is for. 
  • When looking at data, ask yourself what am I trying to solve for? Putting the goal or intent first allows for a clear understanding of what specific metrics to look at.
  • Don’t fall into “Shiny Object Syndrome”! There are many different alluring tools out there, however, they are not going to magically fix a pain point. 
  • The CRM that your company uses matters and they are not all created equal. Take time choosing the right one because, when it comes to data the platform always wins. 
  • Career advice: Focus on learning and seeking out the right managers. They are more valuable than promotions and higher titles.




Busted Myths:

  • Data is not the end all be all. Data can cause tunnel vision and losing sight of the bigger picture. We sometimes stop focusing on if what we are marketing is on brand or best for the customer and instead lock into the numbers.


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