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Demand Gen Reimagined - Sandra Rand - Hard Corps Marketing Show #214

October 2, 2020

It is time to switch up your demand generation marketing! From webinars to gated content, there are unseized opportunities to personally connect with customers.

A Marketing Leader, Performance-focused Digital Marketing Professional, Director of Marketing Communications at Thrasio, Sandra Rand, discusses how to drive volume through demand generation and digital marketing.



  • Get out of your comfort zone! Look at the bottom of the funnel for if your customers are converting at a place you want them to or if they are high quality leads.
  • To connect with people there needs to be community around your content. Stop hiding behind forms! Create some serious value that is not a trade off for a lead number.
  • Do not be afraid of opening up Q&As on webinars. Most people come with one main challenge they need guidance on. Make it a multichannel experience.
  • When creating more content don’t follow what everyone else is doing. Make it more raw and conversational in order to drive engagement and community.
  • Career advice: Trust your gut.




Busted Myths:

  • The Demand Gen playbook is tired! It is time to get creative and rethink how you engage with your buyers.


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