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Evolving Marketing Mindsets - Andrew Sheaffer - Hard Corps Marketing Show #244

February 22, 2021

Marketing has come a long way from the “Mad Men” days. However, some teams still struggle with a generational disconnect. How can we bridge the gap to market more effectively?

A Marketing Leader, Director of Marketing, Andrew Sheaffer, discusses the generational mindsets in marketing teams and actions.



  • People know when they are being sold to. However, if the message is targeted to customers who have a need for the product it feels more personal and helpful.
  • Have your department heads create goals for the quarter. This’ll direct the team on what to achieve and what needs to be accomplished. 
  • Use SEO when approaching different generational mindsets. This is a simple way to show what keywords and phrases are best for targeting.
  • Whether it is a new or existing business, associate your marketing efforts with revenue. This will ground them and avoid getting lost in branding.
  • Career Advice: Know the importance of rolling up your sleeves and figuring something out yourself. Put it into action!




Shout Out:

  • 55:08 Elizabeth Costa


Busted Myths:

  • Not everyone can be a marketer. Appointing an individual to specifically head marketing operations will optimize success and connection with your target audience.


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