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Fanocracy Marketing - David Meerman Scott - Hard Corps Marketing Show #115

January 7, 2020

What are you a fan of? Why do you think you are a fan of that thing? What happens to your brain when you become a fan of something? 

Have you ever thought about how you can create fans for your company?

The Keynote Speaker and Bestselling Author of Freshspot Marketing, David Meerman Scott, challenges marketers to go beyond marketing about their products or services and to focus on their buyers to create genuine human connection. Check out this episode to find out the power of creating fans for your company and how to get started!



  • It is a lot easier to do marketing around your company’s product or service, but may not be as effective. Put in the work and get to know your buyers to frame your marketing around their problems and that human connection.
  • With the way the world is now, people are craving a genuine human connection.
  • Fanocracy is about turning fans into customers and customers into fans. How can your organization grow fans?
  • Neuroscience says that when people become a fan of something, their brain is forming a connection with like-minded people, the individual becomes a part of a tribe. Being a part of a tribe is a survival technique built into humans.
  • The closer you get to someone the more powerful the emotional connection. Public space is over 20 feet away from you, social space is under 20 feet, and personal, cocktail party space, is under four feet away. 
  • The goal is to create experiences with your customers within close proximity to build the connection.
  • A remote or virtual company can create close proximity experiences through video and images. The closer the camera, the greater the connection.
  • The humble selfie picture is powerful. It is authentic and creates the closeness feeling of being within four feet of the photo’s subject. 
  • Consider using images of people at your company and your customers on your website rather than stock images to build the connection with your audience.
  • Career advice from David Meerman Scott - Choose a career that is intellectually stimulating where you can have fun and enjoy yourself.




Busted Myths:

  • The best way to reach your buyer is to market about your product or service. - This is NOT the case. People care about themselves and other people. If your marketing is not working, market towards the problems of your buyers and focus on building a human connection with them.

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