The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Feed the Need with Neuromarketing - Nancy Harhut - Hard Corps Marketing Show #019

April 26, 2018

Prepare to have your mind blown as we enter the realm of neuromarketing with the brillant Nancy Harhut, Chief Creative Officer of Nancy Harhut & Associates!

Unlock how behavioral science makes marketing more effective, the benefits of being cognitively fluent in copy, the force behind social proofs, and the myths that get crushed to the bone!  


  • 95% of decision making happens subconsciously!
  • Avoid the terrible twos: too much information & too many calls to action
  • Cognitive fluency in copy = more white space, shorter paragraphs, no jargon
  • Use “because” in copy; it’s a proven compliance trigger
  • Utilize availability bias before asking a prospect to buy; ask them to recall or imagine a time your product/service would’ve helped them
  • How to make testimonials more effective:
    • Start the story with skepticism since buyers are skeptic towards marketers
    • Use a testimonial in which the giver’s situation is relevant to the buyer’s


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