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Finding A Needle In A Lead Haystack - Lisa Sharapata - Hard Corps Marketing Show #245

February 25, 2021

More leads does not equate to more revenue! Then how do we convert more leads to hit our revenue goals?

A Marketing Executive, Revenue Thought Leader, Go-to-market Strategist, Host of The Emerging CMO Group at the Peak Community, VP Marketing, Brand and Demand at MindTickle, Lisa Sharapata, discusses how to efficiently hit your revenue goals.



  • To beat the average growth rate in your industry you first need to thoroughly understand the Ideal Customer Profile and hit them at the right time with the right message.
  • Before going into a new role or company discuss their goals and best steps to reaching them. This will help you gage whether or not the leadership or company culture are a good fit.
  • “Brand is way more than the colors, font, messages and logo. It is the culture, the mindset. It is what other people are going to say about your company.” ~Lisa Sharapata
  • While planning your revenue goals, create a 30-60 day plan and start internally auditing. Create a SWOT analysis, gap analysis, and set milestones for your goal timeline.
  • Have a conversation with your executive leaders to discover their goals and challenges. Align your team’s goals with what they are already trying to do.
  • “Community is the new event.” ~Lisa Sharapata
  • In order for sales to partner with marketing, they need to see value in the leads they are receiving.




Busted Myths:

  • You do not need more leads. There is an old school mentality that more leads equal more revenue. However, with a concise group of leads it is easier to find the accounts that are in your Ideal Customer Profile.


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