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Fishing for the Right Prospects - Bill Kenney - Hard Corps Marketing Show #222

October 16, 2020

When looking for prospect buyers it is important to really know your buyer persona, as well as, each prospect’s pain points. Is there more we could be doing now to help weed out the best candidates sooner?

A Marketing Leader, Mentor, Speaker, Founder and Chief Pot Stirrer at Soft Land Partners, Founder and Client Advocate at MEET, Bill Kenney, shares how to seek out true prospect buyers and build valuable relationships with them.



  • What keeps your buyer persona up at night? Create offers that illuminate that pain and show how you can ease it. Be empathic towards your target customer and communicate to them in a way that is attractive to them. 
  • A prospect customer needs to have three requirements: a need, money and urgency. If they do not have these requirements then they are not a prospect customer.
  • Strive to have the wisdom to not be sure and be okay with testing. Set up your marketing so that it is flexible in a way that you can test and validate ideas.
  • “The more non-prospects you have, the more diluted your time becomes rather than dealing with the people who are convertible.” ~Bill Kenney
  • After you covered the agenda of the meeting with a customer, ask them what else they are trying to solve whether it be directly related to you or not. This builds a relationship of value over price.
  • Career advice: Start entrepreneurship early and get as much experience with internships as you can.




Busted Myths:

  • Don’t give away products that your company does not sell. Think about who you are attracting. You want to make offers that align with what you are trying to catch. 


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