The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Going to War on Email Deliverability - Keith Phillips - Hard Corps Marketing Show #125

February 6, 2020

Of the email lists that your marketing team has, what percentage of the list is engaging, what percentage is marking your emails as a spam complaint, and what percentage is not even receiving your emails because of old email addresses that have not been updated?

There are so many tactics that a marketer has to take, to make sure their emails get through to the prospects on their hard earned lists, that they need to declare war on email deliverability.

A digital marketing and customer service expert and Director of Business Development at Classic Photographers, Keith Phillips, shares his top recommendations for having a successful email deliverability rate.



  • Check your spam folder to see what kind of emails are landing there. Notice their subject lines, phrases used, and other keywords that possibly triggered that email to land in the spam folder automatically.
  • Consider paying attention to your email total opens, not just your open rate. You could send an email to 10,000 people and only 50% opened it, but that is still 5,000 people that engaged with your content.
  • One way to segment your email lists is through engagement. The people that engage with your emails the most may want to receive your emails on a more regular basis where the other less engaged percentage may need a slower paced cadence.
  • Take the time to clean your email lists. The higher the bounce rate and the more spam complaints that your domain receives only hurts your email reputation.
  • When writing an email, think about how you would write it to a friend. Does your email provide value to the recipient or is it a sales pitch?
  • Every email should have a call to action in it. Keep your email authentic and brief and let your website and landing pages do the selling.
  • Think about putting as much time into your email deliverability as you do your SEO.
  • Take note of which emails land in your primary inbox versus your promotions tab. Look at the words and phrases that are being used to get the email to the primary inbox.
  • “Conversational marketing is based on continuing the conversation until your desired goal whether it’s a purchase or solving their problem.” - Keith Phillips
  • If you use chatbots, make sure to still treat people like people and provide quality answers to their questions.




Busted Myths:

  • The size of your email list matters. - The size of your email list does NOT matter as much as what you do with it. How are you getting people to engage? Are you segmenting your lists based on those who engage more? The lower the engagement, the worse your email reputation could be.
  • Content can be written and then forgotten about. - Content is not set it and forget it. It should be updated as needed to continue to be valuable to your target audience.