The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Growth Hacking = 2X Conversion Rates - Asia Matos - Hard Corps Marketing Show #014

March 29, 2018

Unleash the power growth hacking & growth marketing holds in this episode with the wonderful & passionate marketer Asia Matos, CEO & Founder of Demand Maven!

Determine how to reveal the valuable information your customers hold, the difference between growth hacking & growth marketing, how qualitative research doubles conversion rates, and the myths that get punched right in the face!


  • Increase email open rates with an emoji in subject line
  • Growth hacking is usually channel specific; growth marketing affects a core KPI
  • Websites are the first line of defense & the content matters!
  • Talking to customers needs to be a TOP priority
  • Channels don’t exist in isolation from the business & customers
  • Approach growth as experiments & remember it does not happen overnight!