The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Holistic Marketing - Kelly Street - Hard Corps Marketing Show #87

July 11, 2019

Marketing is saturated with buzz words and strategic approaches like agile, ABM, AI, conversational marketing, and digital transformation. It’s difficult not to jump to one of these items and hope that it will be the answer to your marketing prayers.

A Marketing Leader, Podcast Host, and the Marketing Director of AttorneySync, Kelly Street, empowers the audience to not look at just one piece of marketing to fix all their problems, but to use a holistic approach. Do you want more than what Google tells you on Holistic Marketing? Then check out this episode to get a practical approach to apply to your marketing strategy.



  • Holistic Marketing takes into account the company’s brand, their ideal buyer, looks at the different marketing initiatives they could be doing to reach the ideal buyers, captures their engagement with reporting, and makes sure that the marketing aligns with the company’s deliverables.
  • A brand is more than a logo, it’s the company’s mission, values, goals, and what people think of that company.
  • To determine your Ideal Customer Profile, look at who is engaging with your website, your marketing materials, and who is actually buying from you. All three will start to form your ideal customer and show you if your messaging is not aligning with your ideal audience.
  • Your company’s mission needs to match the ideal buyers you are trying to attract. Consider, does this mission have an audience?
  • At large companies that want to boost internal morale where employees need to connect, consider doing an internal podcast. It spotlights different players at the company and allows your coworkers to learn more about each other.
  • Before doing a podcast, look to see if there have been other successful podcasts in your industry. Where are the gaps in content that you could deliver to your audience?
  • To plan a podcast, one needs to answer the following questions: who is the audience, why would someone listen to it, what is the content, cadence, and format, and how will production be executed? If these questions are not answered, do not start the podcast until they are.
  • “Not all your jobs in marketing will be great, but you will learn something from all of them. And a traditional path sucks, don’t worry about your windy road.”-Kelly Street




 Busted Myths:

  • Find the one marketing method that will save your company and do it.-This is not the case as there is no one thing to do that will save you. Marketers need to take a holistic approach and consider their ideal customer, their brand, use all different marketing mediums, and track their reporting to see what marketing efforts are receiving the most engagement from their ideal buyers.
  • Everyone should do a podcast.-Not quite. Someone should only do a podcast if they know they have an audience for it. They also need to create a plan and see if they have the time to dedicate to producing a podcast on a timely cadence that will keep listeners engaged. 


Books to Check Out:

  • Brand: It Ain’t the Logo by Ted Matthews
  • Superfans by Pat Flynn
  • The 10x Marketing Formula: Your Blueprint for Creating Competition‑Free Content by Garrett Moon