The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Dominating Actionable Metrics With The Moneyball Marketer - Zak Pines - Hard Corps Marketing Show #008

March 6, 2018

Batter up for this episode as we get the real deal on reporting with event ninja Zak Pines, the Marketing VP at Bedrock Data!

We touch base on the importance of unified data, the ROI analytics framework, accountability in marketing, and as always smash myths in the face!

Excellent takeaways from this show:

  • Forget about only crediting one effort for influencing revenue
  • Revenue is a team sport!
  • Run marketing like a business to invest resources wisely
  • Build your network by attending events
  • LISTEN to your customers
  • Be transparent, accountable, & thoughtful
  • Bedrock Data Fusion solves the problem of separated data
  • ROI analytics framework:
    • Do more
    • Fix it
    • Stop