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In Email We Trust - Liz Willits - Hard Corps Marketing Show #225

October 22, 2020

Email marketing has been a foundational marketing strategy in the digital world. However, is it still relevant with the rise of social media platforms?

A Marketing Leader, Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur,Content Strategist, LinkedIn Influencer, Copywriter to SaaS and Creators, Instructor of Digital Marketing Fundamentals at University of Vermont, Full Time Consultant, Liz Willits, shares the importance of email marketing and promoting trust from your audience.



  • On social platforms you are not in control of the algorithm. Email marketing is all on you to reach out to individuals. This makes social media much less reliable in that sense.
  • People go on social media to consume content from their friends. They typically are not there to purchase products. Whereas, email is more expected for marketing promotion.
  • Any time you are on any social media platform you need to have strategies to get people on to your email list in case of a platform shutdown. 
  • Invest time in your lead magnet! People share it with their friends if it is a great free resource or it is the first point of building a relationship with a subscriber. This will grow your email list.
  • “If you can start telling a story in your subject line that people want to know the ending to, then that is a great way to get people to open your emails.” - Liz Willits
  • Build trust by giving your audience free value to their biggest questions or challenges. This creates reciprocities and keeps people coming back for more.
  • Career advice: Build an audience and start creating content around you and your expertise. That audience will be very valuable in the long run.




Busted Myths:

  • Email marketing is not dead! It is a top revenue platform to sell because you are building an audience of people who know and trust you. 


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