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In-house Versus Vendors - Andy Rosenbloom - Hard Corps Marketing Show #250

April 1, 2021

Sometimes there is an aversion to using vendors. But why is that? Could utilizing a vendor’s expertise make more sense for your team or is an organic in-house method more fitting?

A Marketing Leader, Speaker, Motivator, Strategist, VP of Marketing at Buyers Edge Platform, Andy Rosenbloom, dives into the pros and cons behind in-house and vendor services.



  • Vendors provide an outside perspective and expertise in the service that they provide. This cultivates a learning experience within the partnership of your team and  the vendor.
  • Most of the friction that we encounter in relationships from managerial, vendors, friendships, and more can be reduced via a clear setting of expectations.
  • As a leader, there needs to be trust between employer and employee, as well as, employee in themselves. This enables independence and support to grow in their career.
  • Tweak the internal technical process of how your lead information gets routed through the CRM and marketing automation tool to better align the sales and marketing processes.
  • “Not putting as much emphasis on scaling the headcount of the marketing team and figuring out effective partners to outsource some of the work to is worth considering.”~Andy




Busted Myths:

  • Everything does not need to be completed  in-house. Using paid search, content writers, asset creators, etc. will give your company the opportunity to grow exponentially.


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