The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Insane in the Membrane! The Psychology of Motivation Applied in Marketing - Marli Mesibov - Hard Corps Marketing Show #006

February 22, 2018

We explore how real scientific theories on motivational psychology can be used to create the ultimate content strategy with Marli Mesibov, VP of Content Strategy at Mad*Pow!

Discover with us the power of psychology, what myths get crushed to the bone, the effective framework of user experience, and how to find your place in life!

Amazing takeaways from this show:

    • How the psychology of motivation helps content strategy
    • Self Determination Theory:
      • Autonomy, Competence, Relatedness
    • Fear is not a motivator
    • Positive motivation is POWERFUL
    • Good content is findable, usable, useful, & searchable
    • Apply a user experience framework to content
    • “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing” - Benjamin Franklin (the dude on the hundred dollar bill)


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