The Hard Corps Marketing Show

It’s ALIVE! Tracking Your Phone Leads Coverts 3X - Ryan Shank - Hard Corps Marketing Show #007

March 1, 2018

We reveal the resurrection of the phone and how call tracking software is changing the reporting game with Ryan Shank, CEO of Phonewagon!

Unearth the value of phone calls, what myths get punched in the face, the call tracking black hole, and how goals are like goldfish (we’re gonna need a bigger bowl!)

Incredible takeaways from this show:

  • There was a gap in marketing & sales for phone tracking
  • Phone calls convert 3x higher than web leads
  • Phone is not dead! 70% of searches happen on a mobile device 
  • Self-discipline & consistency aid in success
  • People want options to live chat, call, or fill out a form
  • Be prepared to BLOW UP the product roadmap