The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Journey from Sales to ABM Marketer - Heidi Vandermeer - Hard Corps Marketing Show #13

March 27, 2018

Cross the oceans of content and account based marketing with digital marketing devotee Heidi Vandermeer, ABM Manager at Uberflip!

Determine what exactly account based marketing is, how to use sales to help with marketing efforts, the importance of promoting content marketing, and which myths bite the dust!


  • Validate the story that data tells with your sales team
  • Content marketing does not fuel inbound marketing; market your content!
  • Account based marketing = concentrating on a defined list of target accounts
  • Step beyond the page & connect with people to learn
  • Test it out with ABM segmentation to see what resonates
  • Content is a catalyst for change; there should be value for the person at the end!