The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Revenue Centric Marketing - Karen Steele - Hard Corps Marketing Show #57

December 27, 2018

It’s time to implement new marketing changes that boost revenue and bring results! Listen in for new marketing tips from brand recognition officer and CMO of LeanData, Inc., Karen Steele.

In this episode we discuss how to avoid the “blame game” between sales and marketing, the importance of collecting quality data and the role it plays in overall attribution success and why focusing on becoming revenue-centric will build a powerhouse of a marketing team.



  • Don’t play the “blame game” between sales and marketing. Instead, make an effort to work together to be a revenue team.
  • Focus on building revenue. If you tie things to revenue, you’ll have nothing to fear.
  • Companies have focused on ICPs (Ideal Customer Profiles) ABM concepts help people organize over programmatic things.
  • You can’t have good analytics and AI if your data house isn’t in order. Get your data right first. Being marketing-centric starts with good data.
  • Marketing attribution is a journey. Your teams are always working together to come to common understandings and ask certain questions to tell what the impact will mean for business.
  • The only way attribution works is if the model is established to common terms, goals and a timeframe between sales and marketing.
  • Your attribution strategy  should always be tweaked for the betterment of learning and of understanding the business.
  • Customer advocacy is still king. It’s not about tricking and manipulating. It’s about connecting and helping your customer.