The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Develop Engaging Customer Relationships - Keith Phillips - Hard Corps Marketing Show #72

April 11, 2019

Refine and perfect your marketing for a seamless customer experience. We’re talking with entrepreneur, marketer, Facebook ad guru, and Director of Business Development at Classic Photography, Keith Phillips.

Developing a successful marketing plan takes time and effort. This episode provides insight into the many aspects of the marketing funnel from initiating interactions to nurturing and to finally closing that deal.



  • Don’t try and automate everything possible just because you can, some things don’t need to be automated.
  • Use conversational marketing. Try the 8 word email or text. Start by asking an open-ended question.
  • The real goal of your interactions should be the number of sales you can make and how to provide the best experiences for everyone involved.
  • Automation should always look authentic.
  • The point of email is to initiate real human interaction. Click through rates are great, but reply rates are even better!
  • Marketers need to understand the end game of closing the sale by working in sales from time to time. Relationships aren’t just about data.
  • You can start conversations via Facebook ads. Use the tools or programs within Facebook to initiate and continue your conversations.
  • Match your funnels across all platforms. Make the journey consistent and seamless for the client so they get the same impression of your company throughout the entire process.