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Reinventing Sales Readiness - Rachel Jordan - Hard Corps Marketing Show #236

January 25, 2021

When deciding to continue a lead’s customer journey to sales, it is important to look at what makes sense for them. Are they ready to move forward at this moment? 

An actual Rockstar, Marketing Thought Leader, Entrepreneur, Formally CMO and now CXO of BoardOnTrack, Rachel Jordan, redefines sales readiness.



  • “Sales readiness means you are ready to build a relationship, not that you are ready to be a customer tomorrow.” ~Rachel Jordan
  • Do what makes sense for your customer’s timeline. Understand what is important to them right now in the moment.
  • Focus on responding to your potential clients as quickly as possible rather than the quantity of engaging content. This moves them up the chain when it makes sense and closes them in on the window of opportunity.
  • “It is not about quantity. It is about the right timing with the right people.” ~Rachel Jordan
  • Marketing does not live in a box anymore. It touches every stage of the customer lifecycle. It needs to feel like it is presented with the same voice.
  • Career Advice: Encourage yourself to pivot in your career. Trust yourself!




Busted Myths:

  • Customers are not exclusively sales ready only when they are prepared to give you their money. Deciding where marketing ends and sales begins for leads needs to be defined and agreed upon between both departments. 


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