The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Lead Gen Mastery - Kasim Aslam - Hard Corps Marketing Show #43

September 20, 2018

Become a lead gen tactical master by honing new skills with strategy tips that are sure to reach new prospects from serial entrepreneur, speaker, CEO and Founder of Solutions 8, Kasim Aslam.

This episode will teach you how to get the right content to your target prospects, the importance of making and learning from marketing mistakes and the myths that will be put to rest once and for all!



  • Marketing is failing forward. It’s about making mistakes, figuring out what works, and modifying that to move forward.
  • Don’t start off trying all aspects of marketing at once, start with what will yield the best results. Automation applied to an inefficient system just amplifies the inefficiency.
  • The power of search is the strongest indication of intent on the planet. Use it to find the most valuable key phrases. Don’t be surprised if they aren’t what you think.
  • Get to know the conversion path of your prospect. Use it to find intent and accurately place key phrases to provide a search solution.
  • Ask sales what works for your prospects. They get the best insight and can be a gold mine of information that you should never ignore.
  • Try using pre-qualifier content to attract good prospects and repel bad ones.
  • Don’t automate yourself out of relationship building; automate yourself into better and more effective relationship building.
  • Aim for simplicity. Speak in simple terms and phrases to your prospects.