The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Leveraging Buyer Motivation - Jesse Frye - Hard Corps Marketing Show #002 booyah!

January 25, 2018

Episode #2 totally kicked ass with guest Jesse Frye.  He's an experienced marketer, head of Marketing, Customer Success & Strategy at Cheshire Impact, a marketing professor, AND- as if anything else is needed- a freaking Coast Guard Veteran.

Some of the amazing takeaways from this show:

  • The 7 Buyer Motivations
  • The reasons why MOST businesses go out of business!
  • What Marketers can learn from the Product development team
  • The true meaning behind "Fail Small, Fail Fast"
  • What happens when two different blogs go after different personas
  • What it's like to board possible drug ships and protect our shores in the Coast Guard
  • What marketers can learn from veterans