The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Marketing + AI = Future - Samantha Stone - Hard Corps Marketing Show #52

November 23, 2018

Artificial Intelligence is on the rise in the marketing world and who better to talk about AI and marketing technology than the Founder and CMO of The Marketing Advisory Network, and author of Unleash Possible, Samantha Stone.

In this episode you will learn all about artificial intelligence and how you should be using it to rock your marketing automation to get the most out of all your buyer interactions.  



  • The main purpose of using AI is to get the most out of each and every interaction you have with your customer.
  • Human interaction is great but sometimes certain interactions are better using technology. Focus human time when humans work best and use technology for the rest.
  • AI - is not SkyNet. It’s nothing to be intimidated by and is well within the reach and use of small businesses and startups.
  • Technology allows us to focus on what may be best suited for that person independent of any one attribute.
  • Even the best AI needs good data from the beginning. As powerful as it is, it can only perform as well as the data it’s given.
  • Avoid the confirmation bias where you show your buyer only what you know they will like because the data reports that they like it. It can lead to many missed opportunities.
  • You may want to dive right into using AI but you still need a well-planned marketing strategy first. Evaluate your current strategy and establish what you want to achieve.
  • Get third party insight into what people are doing, searching and consuming outside your own property. Use a review site like TrustRadius to learn more about your buyer.