The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Marketing Automation Masterminds - Adam Post - Hard Corps Marketing Show #73

April 16, 2019

Get ready to bust some massive myths with demand gen leader, entrepreneur, and Co-Founder of InStereo, Adam Post.

Think you know it all when it comes to creating the perfect marketing strategy? Think again! Marketing automation is a process that takes intention, planning and a lot of effort. This episode is loaded with pro tips you can use to become a Marketing Automation Mastermind!



  • Take an active role, not a passive role in your marketing.
  • Make your customer feel heard. Listen first and make sure you understand their needs, wants and pains.
  • A great marketer has great empathy. Put yourself in their shoes. Understand what they’re going through and respect that.
  • The best marketers have that sales drive and they leverage the marketing tactics to make it happen.
  • Define the plan. What are you trying to accomplish and how will you do it over time?
  • Tailor the approach to deliver value. People appreciate tailored ads more than generic ads.
  • Be in the business to make your clients successful.
  • Sales engagement is an authentic one-to-one personalized message from somebody who should own the relationship.
  • Get the right tool that fits the needs of the business and the needs of the users in the business.