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Marketing Automation Unleashed - Casey Cheshire - Hard Corps Marketing Show #129

February 20, 2020

Marketing automation platforms can be complex. There is a specific process to follow for set up, and then once the technology is set up, teams often use it at a minimalistic level when there is so much more that can be unleashed.

A Marketing Leader, Speaker, Mentor, the Author of Marketing Automation Unleashed, Founder & CMO of Cheshire Impact, and the host of The Hard Corps Marketing Show, Casey Cheshire, is interviewed by former guest and the Chief Evangelist of BombBomb, Ethan Beute, for a special episode where the host talks marketing automation and sets the record straight!



  • The whole point of using an implementation partner is to skip all the mistakes and painful moments that can happen. A partner has already seen mistakes that happened from previous clients and they are able to apply that experience to your business’ implementation.                               
  • Most people only use 30% or less of their marketing automation tool.
  • Marketing automation in four words is capture, nurture, automate, and report.
  • Capture is all about getting leads that come to your website to convert.
  • “...somehow we expect our customers to come to our website and get married to us on the very first see this all the time when you have a form with 12 fields.” - Casey Cheshire
  • Progressive profiling allows you to ask a series of questions over several visits to your site. Pardot will never ask the same question twice.
  • Nurturing with marketing automation is about encouraging prospect growth, actually solving their problems, and providing value with your content.
  • If a prospect says reach out to me in six months, nurture them along the way to keep your brand top of mind.
  • Marketing automation allows you to automate processes that would otherwise take up precious hours of your time.  A marketer can automatically send prioritized leads to sales that are considered to be sales qualified.
  • “The whole point of marketing automation is to prioritize human time.” - Casey Cheshire
  • A marketer’s report should display which marketing campaigns are working and which are not. More marketing activities does not necessarily mean more results.




Busted Myths:

  • The marketing automation platform is done being set up once the implementation is over. - This is NOT the case. A marketing automation platform needs to be continually added to, it needs to be given a process for how it can be developed and optimized towards your business needs.


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