The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Marketing Mojovation! - Joe Apfelbaum - Hard Corps Marketing Show #023

May 17, 2018

Get pumped up for this high energy, motivational episode discussing nurture campaigns and why they are so necessary for a winning strategy with Joe Apfelbaum, CEO of Ajax Union and author of Average Joe to CEO.

Learn all about how to boost your business’ success by using nurture campaigns, how to craft campaigns that speak directly to people and how to keep your business relevant and active with some serious “mojovation”.


  • It’s not about winners and losers. Instead it’s about winners and learners. You’ve got to keep learning. If you're not learning, you're not truly winning.

  • Marketing equals testing. You should always be testing and progressing. Stagnant strategies won’t carry you into the future.

  • Be tactful in order to be impactful.

  • Nurturing your leads is all about consistently staying in front of people. They will eventually come. You have to market and constantly change up your game based on the reactions that you're getting.

  • Take yourself out of the equation and focus on adding value to another’s life.

  • Educate your customers. An educated customer is the best customer.

  • Be a Rockstar. “People love rock stars because they show up fully and authentically.”



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