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Marketing Negotiations Ninja - Mark Raffan - Hard Corps Marketing Show #218

October 9, 2020

B2B marketers are great at the bottom of funnel content, but we tend to forget that top of funnel content is just as important for our consumers.

A B2B Thought Leader, Entrepreneur, Host of The Content Callout Podcast, Host and Founder of The Negotiations Ninja Podcast, Founder and Head of Marketing at Content Callout, Mark Raffan, delves into connecting to consumers through top funnel content. 



  • If you really want to connect with your audience then you are going to need to know them on the deepest level. Understand how they have fun, their family, activities they like to do, etc.
  • Weekend words are the language that your audience uses when they are at home on the weekend. Look at ways to incorporate those words into your content to appeal to your target market.
  • Now is the time to be investing in good content production whether that be written, video or audio. This could set you apart in today’s hyper digital world.
  • Top of funnel content is just as important as bottom of funnel content. Consumers need to be educated about your service or product, as well as, why you are the best choice before purchasing. 
  • Tips for negotiation:
    • Always ask for more than you expect
    • Plan, Prepare and Strategize
  • Career advice: Take more risks!




Busted Myths:

  • B2B should be balanced between bottom and top of funnel content they put out. Both sides are important.
  • You do not have to be corporate all the time. It is okay to not take yourself so seriously. This makes you look stuffy and less approachable or entertaining for the target audience.


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