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Marketing To Sales - Ashley Estilette - Hard Corps Marketing Show #216

October 7, 2020

Sales and Marketing alignment is essential to a customer’s journey. How do we bring each department together for full brand harmony?

A Marketing Leader and VP of Integrated Marketing at Enverus, Ashley Estilette, discusses how to market to sales and boost alignment.



  • Your brand needs to be representative of how your sales and product teams are talking about the company and what you offer, otherwise the customer experience becomes fragmented.
  • Start by having your top of the funnel be your demand gen engine and focus on getting things automated. Then start going into the creative piece.
  • The buyer’s journey has changed in this digital world. Revisit the diversity of your marketing playbook and create a range of different content to be aligned with their journey.
  • Augmented reality is a great way to create a fun experience for the customer. Remember: many customers buy based on an emotional experience.
  • Everything you do needs to be in line with your go to market strategy. Make sure your coworkers know the company's vision and brand!
  • Career advice: Roll up your sleeves, get in the weeds, and raise your hand for projects! Attitude is everything.




Busted Myths:

  • Sales should be Marketing’s number one client. Marketers have to sell themselves to sales just like sales have to sell to clients, in order to build trust and bridge gaps.


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  • 35:11 Eri Morita


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