The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Marketing Your Way to Success - LaRon Butler - Hard Corps Marketing Show #126

February 10, 2020

Marketers are able to execute the tactics and strategy for their companies, but what about applying marketing skills to their own life for success in their career? 

A U.S. Army Veteran, Salesforce 5x Certified Ohana Member, Digital Marketing Strategist, and Salesforce Administrator for Cloud Co-Op, LaRon Butler, shares her story about how she got into marketing from the ground up. 

This episode is filled with takeaways on branding, conversational marketing, career advice, and inspirational messages of perseverance. 



  • Be sure to balance your messaging with your brand presence. Your buyers should not only recognize your brand, but be able to recall what your business does.
  • When attending conferences, look around and see how other companies are representing themselves.
  • Are you turning potential opportunities away because you keep sending email blasts out to your whole database, and contacts are unsubscribing? Be selective about the content that you send to segments of your database. Think about how it provides value to that particular segment.
  • With chat, you cannot talk to everyone, you need to prioritize which website visitors are ready to buy and which ones need some more nurturing.
  • If you are using chat, be sure to still create a genuine experience for the buyer with your brand.
  • There will be moments in your career where you will face rejection, but do not give up! 
  • Career Advice from LaRon: Establish a community around yourself, whether it is joining one, or starting one for others. The support and opportunities for connection can be endless!




Busted Myths:

  • Your brand is everything. - Your brand is not everything. There needs to be a balance between your brand and your messaging. If your buyers can recognize the brand, but they do not know what your company does, then what good is your brand?
  • When it comes to email marketing, it is all about the size of your list. - It is not about the size of your list, but about the quality. Are you sending the right content to the right people?


Shout Outs:

  • 1:11:26 Christian Estevez