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Metric Madness - Christopher Doran - Hard Corps Marketing Show #173

July 23, 2020

In today’s marketing world we are always looking for the next great thing and want more clients instantly. But where does the line get drawn between the value of quantity versus quality?

A Marketing Leader, Entrepreneur, CEO at Invado Solutions, Christopher Doran, deliberates about value in inbound marketing and the metrics of leads.



  • While building relationships with clients, have a mindset of WHEN they are going to buy your product opposed to IF. This focuses more on the long term client and secures better brand loyalty.
  • Let’s talk about metrics that matter! Looking at the whole picture lets you see how fast conversion rates are and how leads move from stage to stage. This will help you make an educated decision on what to do next moving forward.
  • Diving into data allows marketers to not only find what is working and what’s not but also what is the biggest bang for your buck.
  • How they found you is how they are going to leave you. If a client found you due to low price then they will leave you when they find a cheaper product. However, if they found you for your values then they will only leave you if you stop doing that.
  • Good things take time and patience. Cultivating a strong account plan should not be rushed.
  • Aligning your goals with others' goals creates all around success.
  • Career advice: Have pure perseverance. Challenges are always going to come up, but there is no reason why we cannot get through it together.




Busted Myths:

  • More leads is not always better. The amount of money we spend on inbound marketing is outrageous! It is better to optimize and strategically plan with your past investments in order to find what best fits your company. Work with what you got!
  • More technology is not always better. You could be using every technology platform out there, but that does not mean you are using it well. Take the time to perfect a few of them instead - quality over quantity.


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