The Hard Corps Marketing Show

Mindful Marketing Teams - Nicole Jackson Miller - Hard Corps Marketing Show #62

January 31, 2019

Equip yourself with mindful marketing techniques from project management superhero, marketing leader and Founder of The Project Designer, Nicole Jackson Miller.

In this episode we discuss effective ways to manage your emotions in the workplace, how to practice mindfulness to help you keep calm in the chaos, and ways to add an emotional touch to your social content that speaks directly to your audience.



  • Leadership is something everyone has. Leaders must either invest an amount of time attending to people’s fears and feelings or an unreasonable amount of time to managing ineffective to unproductive behavior.
  • Learn how to pause. It supports you in knowing when to stop and tend to your own emotions and fears.
  • There is no wrong feeling or emotion but make sure to process it and make a decision after calming down and understanding what is going on.
  • Take a look at triggers, Identify what needs to be worked on within yourself like insecurities and doubts.
  • Stay open and curious. Get a handle on your fears or emotions and opportunities will start to appear.
  • Make sure you are where your audience is. People love hearing the personal stuff.  Connecting with people on a personal level is extremely important.
  • What are your values? People like this holistic view of who you are. Mix personal and professional. Twitter people want to know the real you instead of just the link sharing.  
  • It’s good to try new things but if something is working great for you already, it’s okay to keep promoting yourself on that platform.
  • Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment without judgment.




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