The Hard Corps Marketing Show

The Secret Threat of Dark Traffic - Nicki Laycoax - Hard Corps Marketing Show #010

March 13, 2018

This episode exposes ridiculous reporting results & how to fix them with the marketing efficiency master Nicki Laycoax, the creator of Oogur!

We uncover why installing Google Analytics on a site is just not enough, how to improve reporting through the elimination of dark traffic, the similarity between attribution and sports, and as always smash myths right in the face!


  • Build, track, report!
  • Make sure to filter out internal traffic
  • Attribution is like volleyball; credit the team & players when appropriate
  • Dive deeper than the face value of reporting
  • Use goals, annotations, & the URL builder for campaigns with Google Analytics
  • When developing an app put that brain map on paper
  • Dark traffic creates a real problem for reporting
    • Oogur it!