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No Nonsense Marketing Fundamentals - Laura Luckman Kelber - Hard Corps Marketing Show #121

January 23, 2020

The Four P’s of Marketing, brand, buyer personas, ABM, empathetic messaging that resonates with your buyers, and networking, this episode has it all.

A marketing strategist, thought leader, and the SVP Marketing at Flexera, Laura Luckman Kelber, shares the fundamentals of marketing and warns marketers about what can happen when you are not focused on executing the fundamentals at an exceptional level. This is one episode that will resonate with all marketers.



  • Being mindful about your branding is being considerate about what your communication conveys and the insight it taps into to be empathetic to your target market. 
  • Your brand needs to be an emotional connection with your buyers.
  • When you multitask, you diminish your focus ability.
  • The four P’s of marketing are product, placement, pricing, and promotion. To be truly effective at marketing you should be impacting all four P’s, however, marketers today have been placed solely in promotion.
  • ABM is personalization, focus, and prioritizing your top market. If you do this well, it will affect your time, money, and resources.
  • Be focused in your marketing. Consider, what is the insight you are driving, who is the target, how do you create a message that resonates, and then how do you scale it?
  • Conducting buyer persona interviews allows you to pinpoint patterns of messaging to use, that is empathetic to your buyers.
  • Career advice from Laura Luckman Kelber - Create time in your calendar at least once a month to network. Build relationships with people that you instantly connect with. Have coffee, a drink, or lunch with someone from a different department. Extend your reach.




Busted Myths:

  • Branding is dead. - Branding is NOT dead. People have less attention and need more shorthand to make decisions. Branding is your shorthand.

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