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Not Your Average YouTube Ads - Aleric Heck - Hard Corps Marketing Show #195

August 31, 2020

YouTube Ads have immense untapped potential for converging potential customers. Being authentic and targeting the correct audience can make or break these ads. 

A Marketing Leader, Entrepreneur, YouTube Ads Expert, Founder and President of the AppFind Channel,  Founder and President of AdOutreach, Aleric Heck, delves into the secrets of creating a successful YouTube Ad.



  • Provide value in your YouTube ads. Doing a demo or showing off a product will promote trust with the customer. 
  • To create a great YouTube hook promote intrigue and use jargon to pull in the clients that are more likely to convert. These are considered to be the “true viewers.”
  • Need help finding your ideal buyer? Use the 3D YouTube ads targeting model: demographics, intent (what they are watching right now), and audience. 
  • Many people look to YouTube to research products. Google ran a study that found 68% of people between the age of 18 and 48 make purchase decisions based on YouTube Ads. 
  • Have a good spokesperson for your YouTube Ads. People resonate with things that feel natural. Try hiring a YouTube influencer to produce a video and run it as an ad.
  • Career advice: Trust and build an incredible team as soon as possible.




Busted Myths:

  • Ads on YouTube do not need to be an overproduced 30-60 second video. People would rather watch organic content that educates people about the service or product a company is offering.


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